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I was and am very impressed with Monica's preparation for each day of house hunting.

After talking to Monica by phone (long distance) I knew Monica was a consummate professional. She had a great feel for what I was looking for. My time frame was limited and Monica made the very most out of the time I had to spend. Monica knew the area as well as the market to ensure that I saw all the possible homes that I might be interested in. Monica never tried to sell me or sell me up into something I would not be happy with. I had enough confidence in Monica after a couple of days that I would have felt very good to let her look for a home for my wife and I while I was not present. This how ever was not necessary as Monica was able to direct me to the house that my wife are very, very happy with. Monica was able to negotiate not only a great price by was able to have some exciting option included with house. Any one reading please be assured you will be very pleased with your experience working with Monica and the final results. In my book she's the best

Greg R

Monica Nunchuck was the perfect Realtor for us.

She was attentive to our every detail. She was tenacious in her efforts to find the perfect home for us and she did. Her drive and enthusiasm was contagious. He insight into the marketplace was unmatched. Whenever we visited a property, Monica had done her homework, and made us comfortable . She knew the pros and cons of everything. Her advice and guidance was not only appreciated but expected. It's obvious we fell in love with Monica's personality and professional skills. We would unabashedly endorse and recommend Monica to be your Realtor. Frank A. Pinto President/CEO

Frank and Barbara

A bit of luck came into the equation as I searched, starting with foreclosures.

A lot of people from the North come to Florida looking for the best deal, this led me to Monica Nunchuck. She counseled me on how to buy property; this was accomplished politely and with time for you to think and come to the right conclusion. As with most, I thought I was really savvy in real estate, having owned many pieces of property in my lifetime. Monica explained, and showed me that the best deals may not be foreclosures, as they were the competition, and had forced regular properties to similar pricing. She went way out of her way to show me both types of property so as to make my own decision. Monica also showed me many neighborhoods, and explained the areas, and their histories to make sure I would have the big picture on the St. Augustine area. She spent 4 days exclusively with me, allowing me to ingest all the information I needed to make an intelligent purchase. All through this process, she made an extra effort, in my opinion, to give an unbiased opinion of each area. I really appreciated the fact that she didn't try to push me in any specific direction, but let me make my own conclusion. After several days we found a property that suited my criteria, and proceeded to the offer stage. Monica carefully counseled me on how to proceed. Let me emphasize that this was very important in today's market. When you enter a market you are unfamiliar with, the rules may not be the same as what you are used too, and good guidance is priceless. Monica led me skillfully through this process with tremendous success, resulting in a price that I was comfortable with. Now I would like to say that Monica really outshined herself. After the closing, she helped me move in. She spent several days showing where everything was located, and helped me find and move furniture into the home! I have never received this level of post sale kindness and concern. Most people are all done with you after they "get the check"; not Monica. She truly helped way and above the call of duty; this was present throughout the deal, and way past. I felt all the way that she was very trustworthy, reliable, and helpful. Phil C. Maine November 2010

Phil C

I found Monica while I was looking for foreclosures in the St.

Augustine area. She cleared her schedule for four days to help me find a home that met my needs. I have to say that I was very impressed with her ability to show me the entire market area, and point out the pros and cons of each. I was interested in a certain area, but despite that, she showed me all other areas to make sure that I had the big picture of St. Augustine. Additionally, she explained that foreclosures may not always be the best buy, as the market had adjusted to compensate price-wise. An invaluable presentation. We came to a decision after the four days, and proceeded to the offer stage. Monica skillfully guided me through the process; in every area there are methods that are normal and accepted that may differ. Since I am unfamiliar with the Florida market, Monica showed me the way to successfully complete an offer that I was pleased with. After a short bargaining period, I got the price I was shooting for, and the contract was signed. I would like to emphasize that throughout the whole process, Monica did not try to persuade me one way or another on homes, bank choices, areas, etc. I really appreciated that she let me make my own decisions. I never felt that she had a hidden agenda that would benefit herself or anyone else unfairly. She had financing options available at a competitive rate, which she followed throughout the process to ensure success. Now I would like to point out that she really went the extra mile even after the sale. She helped me find furniture and introduced me to people and stores that fit my needs. She even helped me move into the house! This occurred during, and way after the deal was finished. So many agents walk away after the deal is done, collect the check, and it's over. Not Monica, she has continued to shine even now, a month after the closing. I can't begin to express how secure she made me feel through and after the deal, and how much I appreciate her help and dedication. I strongly recommend Monica as your buyer's broker. I have owned 22 properties in my life, and have never received this level of service, skill, and honest help from an agent. Kudos to Monica Nunchuck!

Phil C

Meeting Monica the way we did was "fate".

She made our house hunting so much easier and was so pleasant in doing so. She spent endless hours searching for houses we would be interested in buying and drove in all different directions showing us these houses. Monica not only will find the house you wish to purchase but all the extras she does is so very helpful and time saving to a new homeowner. Monica is the most caring and warm real estate agent anyone could want or need. Jim and I not only had a wonderful real estate agent but we also made a wonderful new friend. Monica, thank you for all your help...I know it was not easy for you...we truly appreciate all you did for us. We "HIGHLY RECOMMEND" Monica for all your real estate needs. Jim and Curly,

Curly and Jim

"I recently had the pleasure of working with an extraordinary real estate agent, and I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the entire experience.

From the moment I enlisted their services to the final sale of my property, this agent demonstrated a level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication that exceeded all my expectations. First and foremost, this agent possessed an unparalleled knowledge of the real estate market. They conducted thorough research, analyzed recent trends, and provided me with valuable insights and recommendations specific to my property. Their expertise was evident in every aspect of our collaboration, from accurately pricing the property to determining the most effective marketing strategy. Speaking of marketing, this agent's approach was nothing short of remarkable. They used a multifaceted marketing campaign that included stunning photography, engaging descriptions, and widespread online exposure. The comprehensive marketing plan attracted a significant number of potential buyers, within a short period, my listing gained immense attention, leading to multiple showings and ultimately, a quick sale! One of the standout qualities of this real estate agent was their exceptional communication skills. They maintained open lines of communication throughout the entire process, promptly responding to my inquiries and providing regular updates. Their transparent and honest approach gave me peace of mind, knowing that I was always in the loop and fully informed about the progress of my property sale. Furthermore, this agent's negotiation skills were truly outstanding. They expertly navigated through offers, ensuring that my best interests were always at the forefront. Their ability to strike a perfect balance between assertiveness and diplomacy resulted in a final sale price that exceeded my expectations. I am incredibly grateful for their strategic guidance during negotiations. Beyond their professional prowess, this agent consistently displayed genuine care and empathy. They understood the emotional attachment I had to my property and took the time to listen, providing reassurance and support throughout the process. This personal touch made a world of difference and fostered a strong sense of trust and partnership. In conclusion, I cannot recommend this real estate agent highly enough. Their unwavering dedication, industry expertise, exceptional marketing skills, and superb negotiation tactics culminated in an outstanding outcome for the sale of my property. If you are looking for a top-notch real estate agent who will go above and beyond to ensure a seamless and successful selling experience, look no further. This agent is an absolute gem in the real estate industry, and I am truly grateful for their exceptional service!" GregoryJoyce

Greg Joyce

Monica is so very very pleasant and delightful to work with, she is a true professional in every way, she stops at nothing to research, and has the undivided focus to see what your needs are ,she goes that extra mile and shows you her dedication and expertise in finding the right property at price that's right for you!

She is dynamic in her approach and listens and then proactively delivers, she's incredible! Your needs will be met and her pleasant way will captivate you as well! My pleasure to recommend such an awesome dedicated a professional, poised, graceful and results orientated gal who will satisfy all your needs!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pleasure! Michael P.O'Leary, President, Mik-Dan In


"I first met Monica at one of our local Women's Council of Realtors® meetings.

Monica conveys a very professional attitude and demeanor and is very upbeat and a pleasure to be around. I am so pleased that she has chosen to become involved at the leadership level in WCR, as her warm and friendly personality, along with her eagerness to do a great job will be a tremendous asset. Elke McMenemy


Buying a bank-owned, second home close to the beach in St.

Augustine was made much smoother by Monica's diligent efforts. Never having purchased a short sale or bank foreclosed property before, we found that finding and closing on this type of property requires a seasoned transactional Realtor like Monica, who can expertly bring buyers and sellers together. With unexpected hurdles to cross and hoops to jump through in order to complete this type of transaction, she successfully led us to the closing table through a long and grueling process with a myriad of interested parties: banks, lawyers, lenders, and inspectors, just to name a few. Thanks Monica for finding the keys to our beach getaway. Tom and Cindy

Tom and Cindy

We would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" very much for your time, effort, and hospitality during our time looking for the right place for our son to live while attending college in St.

Augustine. At some point in the future it will become our vacation home. Your outstanding dedication and professionalism made the process seem effortless from sending us listings via the internet to spending a couple of days showing Scott around St. Augustine. Your friendly personality and willingness to go that extra mile was noticed right from the beginning and we have to say how happy we are that we came across you. Since we live in Maryland we thought trying to find a place in Florida might be a little challenging but you made it so very easy and stress free, It was great experience! If we ever know of anyone looking for property in St. Augustine you can be sure we'll give them your name. Scott & Dawn McClyment, Warrington Farm Lane, Queenstown, MD

Scott and Doona

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